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 MOE Training Grounds

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PostSubject: MOE Training Grounds   MOE Training Grounds I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2009 10:15 am

A new feature, made especially for the MOE clan and no other, we introduce the Training Grounds. Very special thanks to Melonlord of the unique idea, and Azulon for the help.

What is the MOE Training Grounds?
As we all know, members need to be accepted before joining. This limits our number of members. The MOE Trainging Grounds (MOETG?) is a place to help creators improve their techniques and skills so they can create better creations, help promote them, and eventually, accept them as members.

Who will be leading this?
Still being discussed, we may have about 5 "teachers". Azulon and myself have both offered to help, and I assume Melonlord shall be a teacher too.

How can I be a teacher?
First, you'll need to be an active member. Innactive teachers isn't entirely helpful. I believe that the current teachers or leader of the Training Grounds shall decide on who is able to become a teacher - if you are not accepted, please, do not take it personally or an insult to your creations!!

What happens when someone asks to join?
If a user wants to join MOE, but does not qualify, we'll reccormend them to the Training Grounds. 1 or more teachers shall help them improve, until they are worthy of MOE. When they can join, they become official members, and can join this forum, like all other members here.

If a user is immediatly accepted into MOE, they have no right to insult a "graduate" because they were accepted later. We are all equals. Insult a graduate and you shall recieve a warning. If a teacher insults a studant/graduate, they can be removed as a teacher.

This shall be posted on the Sporum, where users can ask to improve.




Signatures by me, arastoph and Cyana
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PostSubject: Re: MOE Training Grounds   MOE Training Grounds I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 17, 2010 9:08 pm

I wish to join.
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MOE Training Grounds
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