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 The Poetry Thread

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PostSubject: The Poetry Thread   Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:35 pm

Well, I just recently developed a love of poetry, so I think we need a thread. xD
So come on friends,
Just to listen
Or to share the art
That you have written!

Here are some that I wrote at 3am...

The Sun
The Sun,
He rose the other day
And bathed the world in gold.
The Moon,
She chased him from the sky
With secrets that she holds.
And as I watched this all unfold,
A thought occured to me:
If neither Sun nor Moon were here
To bathe the world in gold
Or keep the secrets that we hold,
This world will crumble.
This world will die.
This world will disappear.

Love is light,
And love is dark.
Love is sweet,
And love is harsh.
Love is sunshine,
Love is rain.
Love is pleasure,
Love is pain.
Love's an ever-changing thing,
But one thing it remains:
Everything I feel for you
Everything I say.

How Often?
How often
Do we let the rain
Fall until we drown?
How often
Do we let the flame
Burn until it's finished?
How often
Do we let the wounded
Bleed until they're gone?
How often
Do we let the violent
Swing until they miss?
How often
Do we let the weak
Survive until they're stronger?
It's all the same,
But you will see!
A change will come around.
Perhaps some day,
If not tomorrow,
Odds will rearrange.
The weak will stand,
Now proud and strong.
The rest will fade to grey.

And I wrote this one just now:
It's never good
To hurt the ones you love.
It's never good
To leave without farewell.
And I don't mind
If you don't know me any more.
Because you made me see the light
And that's all that really matters.

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PostSubject: Re: The Poetry Thread   Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:39 pm

Smile Very good poems. Love the thread idea too.

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PostSubject: Re: The Poetry Thread   Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:36 pm

very nice poems...i will have to write some and post them Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Poetry Thread   Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:08 pm

I forgot about this poem that I wrote in 8th grade. It helps, I think, if you've read the Chronicles of Narnia, since I wrote this for a project. My teacher - simply put - loved it. Smile

Lament to Narnia

By Cauldron Pool stayed Shift the Ape
And Puzzle, who soon donned a cape
Woven of sparkling golden fur:
A lion skin fallen in the pool.
Shift made such a maddening craft
And by the gods brought on a wrath
And Puzzle, cast as Aslan
Would end the Shadowlands.

In Narnia in summer stayed
King Tirian and was relayed
A message from Roonwit the Centaur
Come from Cair Paravel.
Of only news, he brought dismay
“For in the sky, the stars, they say
Aslan will not come this year
This talk is all a fake.”

Then suddenly, from the forest cried
A dryad, most terrified
“Help! Help! The Calormenes have cut down
My entire family!”
Suddenly, and by surprise,
A gleam twinkled in her eyes
And she fell, all dead and brown,
Her tree had fallen to the ground.

King Tirian, utterly dismayed
Saddled Jewel the Unicorn in his rage
And so they sought the dark Calormenes
Who had felled the harmless tree.
They saw the loggers in their sight
And swiftly took away their life
And down to the ground, cold and dead
The loggers met their own demise.

After they had done their deed
Tirian was captured and tied to tree
Until the night, when an unknown might
Set two children in his sight.
Jill and Eustace were their names
And from a distant place they came
And they tried and fought to undo the knot
That tied the king to the tree.

The cords soon after came undone
And from them, the three had run
To a tower, tall and strong,
Where a plan was made and done.
To leave in the morning light
And embark on a dangeous flight
And save loyal Jewel the Unicorn
Who faced death by end of night.

The rescue was a good success
To Stable Hill where Puzzle rest
Where Shift lied to Beasts and Men
And brought killers to Lantern Waste.
Jill rescued Puzzle and left the place
While Tirian pondered the Donkey’s fate
And he let him live to show the beasts
How they were taken in.

The Dwarves, for one, were stupefied
For the Ape it seemed had truly lied
And refused to turn to either side
To Tashlan, they denied.
So back to the tower, the heroes fled
To escape the lies and world of dread
And come the morning they were met
With two more heralds of The End.

Come morning light they all awoke
To a startling wreak and a creature strode
Upon the grass, ‘twas black and dead:
The Evil God of Tash.
And Farsight the Eagle, from the castle it came
And brought greater news of dismay
Roonwit sent to gather an army
Fell to Calormenes.

The Calormenes had come by sea
To Cair Paravel it had been
To destroy the throne and the abode
Of the King of Narnia.
The evil Tisroc did this deed
Out of cunning, power, and greed
And Tirian fell to the ground
“This is the end of Narnia, our blessed realm.”
But Tirian would not give up
He planned an ambush on the liars atop
Stable Hill where Tash now dwelt
And with the traitorous creatures he dealt.
And so, it came to pass
Shift and Rishda Tarkann at last
Were escaped of their lies which opened the eyes
Of the beasts of Narnia.

There, a battle between beasts and men
Ended by Aslan who came then
Behind the Stable Door where
Creatures and Men had already been sent.
Tirian who entered the door
Awed in amazement by the land he saw.
Full of trees, water, and green
The finest land he had ever seen.

The Real Narnia…

And to his great surprise
Wondrous figures filled his eyes
Jill and Eustace, who were thrust through the door
They were all reunited once more.
And others whom he had only heard:
King Peter of Narnia and his siblings, two there were
King Edmund and Queen Lucy of a world
Far, far away…

And Polly and Digory were past the door
Whom had been in Narnia long before
And had seen the making of the world
Before its evil was unfurled.
Aslan came and spoke to them
And told of Narnia and The End.
But where they were, the earth and sky
Was not the Old Narnia.

“Time, TIME, TIME!!!” Aslan said
And everyone then looked ahead
The sky was full of falling stars
Resting on the ground of Narnia.
And beasts and Men came from north and south
And spoke by different word of mouth
They came to the door on Stable Hill
And waited to leave the land.
Then Father Time in the far north
Stood and the Earth shook back and forth
And creatures poured out from underground
From the Underworld which made no sound.
The monsters ate the shrubs in the green grasslands
And desert wastes and mountain fens
And all of Narnia that was once green and good
Was barren and stripped of grass and wood.

And Father Time made a wave
It tore asunder the hills and caves
And swallowed the work of all the Earth
The lands were stripped of leaf and dirt.
Then, the Sun by Father Time arose
And the World was filled with reddish glows
And he squeezed the Sun and out it went
And all there was was a freezing wind.

Farewell to Shadowlands…

So the heroes stood on the grass
And heeded the words of Aslan at last
“Further up and further in!” he said
And ran away to the west.
And so they followed him
To the west it had been
Past Cauldron Pool and the Western Wild
Running as swiftly as the wind.

They came to the garden where Digory went
For at the beginning of Narnia, he had been lent
A seed of the Tree of Protection, which had grown
But been destroyed by Calormenes.
There, they met Frank the Great
King of Narnia, Queen Helen his mate
And in gilded halls, the heroes ate
Gracious meals in hours late

The heroes found their long-lost friends
Caspian, Reepicheep, and Rillian
And many more accounted for
Like Puddleglum, Hwin, Fledge, and Cor.
The stars took to the skies again
The creatures allied themselves with men
And yonder door on grassy floor
Leads to Narnia that is no more.

I've also written a more recent poem about Catch-22. While my poetry is usually assigned by my teachers, I take pride in my works. Wink (again, it helps if you've read Catch-22)

Yossarian: A Poem

In solemn state, you understand
That by law and by command
You live a paradoxical life
Fixed by fear, torn by strife
Strife made known by enemies close
Fear to escape the lethal woes
By fear you may leave
Through strife you must stay
To fly into another day
No chance of escape, not for you
You’ve been ensnared
By Catch-22

Your allies are not all who they would seem
Incompetent, vicious, plotting their scheme
You try, you try as hard as you must
To beware of some, or gain their trust
For though you are bound
To fight with them strong
You entrust them your life to keep it long
Entrust it or leave, what say you?
You cannot avoid

You are afraid of death at the door
When your short life has time no more
Afraid of those who know nothing of you
Who are forced the complete the task they must do
They look to the skies
Scanning the air
Looking for you they are sure to find there
They hate you, they hate you
No more you can do
You must obey

You have no friends, they have all left
To leave you faced with life and death
The choice to live by fear or by strife
Decides the fate of your short life
Do not tarry
Do not delay
You must choose now, to leave or to stay?
The obvious path lain now before you
Is to run
From Catch-22
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PostSubject: Re: The Poetry Thread   Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:27 pm

Very nice (and long) poems! I'll have to dig up the ones that I wrote for school. xD
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PostSubject: Re: The Poetry Thread   Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:28 pm

Sakky, right a poem about being stalked!!! Razz

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PostSubject: Re: The Poetry Thread   

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The Poetry Thread
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