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 An idea for Art Planet adventures.

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An idea for Art Planet adventures. Empty
PostSubject: An idea for Art Planet adventures.   An idea for Art Planet adventures. I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 10:44 am

Copied from my Sporum thread: (please vote)

The Backstory: Me and a number of other creators use the adventure editor to create art (usually in the form of teraforming, sometimes using buildings). These adventures (if popular) can recieve a lot of comments.

The Problem: But due to the fact that they aren't real adventures little to no people play them which is required for them to be rated. They are also downrated quite a lot due to the fact that there is no real story; even if a small boss battle or something similar is added in.

The Proposal: Introduce a button in the editor which disallows the adventure from being played and instead allows it to be rated on the spore website.

I have thought it through and I'm sure that it can't be abused and that there is no way to bypass the system. Either only rate if they play it or nobody can play it and it can only be rated on

I would be glad for all thoughts on this whether for or against, but please try to keep it constructive.

Some feedback and responses:
Mysteryem wrote:
CrazyShyness wrote:
I think this is an acceptable proposal. My support is granted, but wouldn't more people play them and instantly quit the adventure so they could have a playtime of 0 seconds and thus get a gold trophy? Wouldn't you get more plays then?
They are downrated a lot because there is no story, even the ones with small boss battles are still downrated.
But what I think you've missed is that people will recieve these in space stage. Which I have been told will probably be an instant downrate. But they then only get the plays and rates if they are played. Little to none will actually play them if they have a locked captain because the main drive to play adventures for most people is to get points for their captain and level them up.

Making them easy points missions such as move to treasure with an invisible mine in the way seems to be another way around it, but I hate easy points missions and refuse to play or make them.
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An idea for Art Planet adventures.
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