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PostSubject: RP Help Section   RP Help Section I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2009 5:10 pm

Do you have a great idea for an rp, but don't know how to set it up, or need some creatures to use in it? Whatever the problem is, you can come here and other rpers, or creators in general, can help you out...

Currently, I'm needing some creations for my Genocide RP feel free to give me one you think would fit, and I'll check it out...

Here is the main layout:

~~~~~~~~~~~Genocide RP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That's it... You're one of the last ones left... The entire world of Aegis has been taken over by hordes of vile and outright disgusting creatures... You are one of the last true beings of Aegis... Before the demons, abberations, and shadow beings took over... They are hunting you down, every last one... Their goal is to destroy every living thing native to Aegis, yours is to stay alive... You've heard rumors that there's a bunker. (An old abondoned military base used as a defensive strong point in numerous wars) Among these rumors is one that there is a colony of people hiding there, surviving together... Maybe it's true or not, who knows... All you have to do is stay alive, and if possible, stop the three main leaders who are giving the orders of Genocide, the Demon Overlord, The Abberation King, and the Shadow Being Leader... Stop them, maybe you've stopped the destruction of Aegis... It's all up to you...

creatures you may encounter...

The demons have entered Aegis from an entirely different realm. In that realm, they dominate. Yet, they grow tired of being the superior beings, they grow bored... So they searched for a different world to take over, unfortunately for us, that world was Aegis... They are all commanded by the Overlord, the leaders of them are the Fiend's, next in line is the Stalker's, then the Vultures and Hounds... Fear all of these beings, for they are intelligent, and know how to think for themselves...

-Demon Hound: These freaky creatures were dogs that were taken over by demons... They live to kill and feast upon the souls of those that they murder... They will not stop until there are no more souls to devour... Their noses are sensitive enough to smell a living soul up to two miles in any direction, so be very carefull...
RP Help Section 500297546524
-Demon Vulture: These alike the dogs were eagles taken over by demons... They dominant the skies during night and day, no other birds attempts to challenge them... At 2x the size of a normal eagle, they are huge creatures... talons sharp enough to rip through metal, beaks that can shred steel, along with eyes that can see miles away, even in the night...
RP Help Section 500418414870
-Demon Stalker: The result of a necromancer attempting to make a super being, by taking a human, and trapping a demon inside him... As you can see it was a failed attempt and the demon took over almost instantly.. The scientist was dead within minutes, his entire lab trashed... These are one of the elite of the Demon kind...
(need creature)
-Demon Fiend: Once a noble and heroic paladin... Taken over by a demon, he's now one of your worst enemies... There are very few of these beings since it's very hard to take over a knight, yet alone a paladin... As a result, this is the most powerful of the demons, excluding the demon overlord...
(need creature)
-Demon Overlord: The leader of the demons... This disgusting creature considers himself to be a god... He decided to lead the battle on Aegis since his minions couldn't do it themselves... This is the one to fear, and to destroy... For he is the reason for the demon's assault... Defeat him and you're one third of the way done...
(need creature)

-Abberation Hunter: A fierce hunter, best of the best. These creatures have sharpened senses and can easily tear apart a normal person with just claws. Not only that, but they also use weapons, such as swords, axes, bows, etc... These creatures aren't too hard to take out if you know what to do though, but be aware, for, to the unprepared traveler... These are you worst nightmares...
RP Help Section 500300447550
-Abberation Shaman: Terrifying creatures that use magic and sorcerry to do their bidding... They can as easily tear you apart with their spells as a Hunter could with their claws... Be wary though, for they also attack with the mind, and will barrage you with thoughts of despair, pain and torture...
(need creature)
-Abberation Warrior: Weilders of immense power. The warriors of the abberations weren't taught how to show mercy. In fact, these creatures would rather play with their prey, before killing it. Many have heard tales of what these creatures do to you, and claim that it's worse than death itself... Better hope you don't have the chance to make the decision for yourself...
RP Help Section 500300910879
-Abberation King: The leader of the Abberations. This horrendous creature is the reason for the cruelty and creation of the other Abberations... Take him out, otherwise the abberations will keep coming, and coming. A never ending swarm, that will take over this, and other worlds, if you don't stop him... And if you do, that's another 1/3 of our job done...
(need creature)

Shadow Beings
-Shadow Being Lesser: Not unlike the demons, shadow beings can take over people, but they don't transform them, they just take over their mind, body, and soul, and nobody knows the difference... Thing is, you could have a shadow being with you for days, and never know, until it's to late... Thankfully, lessers can only stay in for a couple of hours, and aren't too good with human speech, so it's easy to tell, and are easy to get rid of them...

-Shadow Being Greater: Like the lessers, they dominate people, but can stay in for days, and are much better at using people as puppets... Fear these creatures because they can take over some of the stronger willed people...
(need creature)
-Shadow Being Tyrant: These creatures don't even need to take over someone's body... They can easily take out an opponent with means of their own... And, if they wanted, these beings can take over the strongest of minds, with ease...
(need creature)
-Shadow Being Leader (elected): The big kahuna of the Shadow Beings. He can take over anyone's mind, and is said to be able to kill with the touch of a finger. This is probably the hardest of the three because of his clever mind, and cunning tricks...
(need creature)

-No godding
-Be polite
-Listen to the mods
-I decide when someone gets to try and fight one of the leaders. (We don't want it to end to soon)


Note, this is a more serious RP so if you join, try to keep it real, and not try to make everything into a joke...

Any other ideas for improvement are welcome Very Happy
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RP Help Section
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