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 The Coat of Arms Thread

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The Coat of Arms Thread Empty
PostSubject: The Coat of Arms Thread   The Coat of Arms Thread I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 12:14 am

Taken from the Sporum Creator Corner; made by me.

This is The Coat of Arms thread.

The coat of arms, or as Wikipedia also calls it:
Quote :
an armorial achievement, armorial bearings or often just arms for short
is a traditional European design (though the concept was not limited to Europe) that has origins in the Medieval Period. Having been adopted by knights and by commoners alike, coats of arms continue to exist in our global culture through the art of heraldry. Because of this practice, it might just be that you and your family may have a coat of arms, even if you don't know it.

You can find out if your family has armorial bearings here. If you're unsuccessful, try Googling something like "coat of arms locator" or something with similar keywords. And if you find yours...

...make a replica and post it here.

This happens to be mine:
Sparrior's Coat of Arms
Description - This is my coat of arms. The motto "Conlan abu," or "Conlan forever," is left out of the coat of arms (by me).
Copy and paste the link:|500257579409%3Asast-500395357892%3Apg-40
The Coat of Arms Thread 500395357892_lrg

Make one if you like. As you can see, I have made this in the building editor; it doesn't mean you should too, it just means that particular creator is easiest for me.

Also, any heraldic symbol (such as the Japanese kamon) is accepted here.
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The Coat of Arms Thread
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