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 Sporeal Tournament

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PostSubject: Sporeal Tournament   Sporeal Tournament I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 28, 2009 12:51 am

Would anyone here be interested?

Sporeal Tournament

Right, I am a fan of Unreal Tournament, and whilst I was having internet problems the other night, I got really annoyed and played that for a while. It gave me the idea for Sporeal Tournament. So what is it?


-You create an outfitted creature in the space outfitter.
-You give them a catchy name and a reason why they entered the tournament.
-Share them and post on this thread.
-I then sporecast them, and make sure they fulfill the rules of that round.
-All participants are put into an adventure, where their single goal is to kill everyone else.
-I then share the adventure, and all participants play it ONCE without actually getting involved in the fighting.
-Everyone then declares who the last man standing was when they played the mission (no cheating and saying it was your character if it wasn’t).
-I tally up the results after everyone PM’s me.
-I then publish the results.
-You then upgrade your stats by purchasing additions (outlined below)
-IF you purchased addons from the GA parts catalogue, you will need to add them to your entrant and upload it before the next tournament is made.

Simple as that. When the results are tallied, this will equate to a certain amount of credits. You can then spend the credits on various items and upgrades, which are outlined below.

Starting Stats
You start with no weapons, armour, health or energy bonuses.
Awareness = 35
Speed = 1
Damage = 100%
Health = 20th increment (that is the default one btw)

Creature Limitations.
1) Must be FIRST outfitted in the space outfitter.
2) All entries should have “sporeal tournament” and “gaprop” as tags.
3) If you MUST use a spit part, only use Hockitlauncher, Gobstalker or Phlegmthrower. All other creature weapons are allowed.
4) Can be asymmetrical – in fact that might be useful.

Earning credits.
Win a tournament = 20 credits
Make a Tournament Planet = 10 credits

Spending credits

Bladed Knuckles lvl 1 = 25 credits, lvl 2 = 50 credits, lvl 3 = 100 credits
Plasma Pulser lvl 1 = 50 credits, lvl 2 = 100 credits, lvl 3 = 200 credits
Lightning Striker lvl 1 = 50 credits, lvl 2 = 100 credits, lvl 3 = 200 credits
Missile Finger lvl 1 = 100 credits, lvl 2 = 200 credits, lvl 3 = 400 credits
Toxic Crystal = 300 credits
Swarm Magnet = 400 credits
Icy Band = 400 credits
Hypomelder = 300 credits

Note, you MUST pay for each of the first four weapons by upgrades, so to get level 2 of Missile Finger will actually cost you 300 credits (not 200) and for level 3 it will cost 700 (not 400).

Protecto-Shell = 100 credits
Danger Reductor = 250 crdits
Power Shield = 500 credits
Regen Deflector = 750 credits

Energy & Health
Compact Generator = 100 credits
Compact Battery = 100 credits
Power Generator = 250 credits
Power Battery = 250 credits
Invigorator = 200 credits
Super Invigorator = 500 credits

Awareness = 50 credits for 10 awareness
Speed = 250 credits per speed increase
Damage = 1000 credits per 100% increase
Health = 200 credits per health increment

Tournament Planet Limitations.
1) Must be tagged with “sporeal tournament”
2) Must be set as a template adventure..
3) Until Maxis sort out awareness, please do not set any inside buildings.
4) Make a realistic environment for such a deathmatch.

The Tournaments.
1) Every contestant (up to 50) will be added to each match.
2) All entrants will be resized to the smallest epic size.
3) All AI will be set to aggressive and wander.
4) If you want specific AI instructions, you must PM in good time first.
5) I will randomly place the contestants as equi-distant from each other as possible.
6) The contestant closest to you will also be random.
7) There will be 3 of each power-up placed in the center of the tournament area.
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PostSubject: Re: Sporeal Tournament   Sporeal Tournament I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 12:07 am

This died a death as it took up too mch time. Someone might wanna lock and remove this thread.
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Sporeal Tournament
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