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 *NEW* Chatbox rules

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*NEW* Chatbox rules Empty
PostSubject: *NEW* Chatbox rules   *NEW* Chatbox rules I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 7:33 pm

We all know and love the Chatbox (at the bottom of the homepage), but I never really made any rules for it. So...

Chatbox Rules

1- Do not speak of any kind of innapropriate behavior and will result in a kick from the box, leading to a ban if continued.

2- Discussing the use of illegal drugs is a very strict rule which could get you and the whole forum in serious trouble. Such an act is prohibited and will result in immediate ban from the chatbox.

3- Listen to the mods/admins.

4- Do not flame/insult/spam when asked to stop.

5- Do not post youtube vids or really large images. Post links if need be.

6- Keep the cursing to a minimum. The "F" and "S" words are a big deal, so use *s in them. The others arn't too bad, but don't use them too much, or you will be kicked.

7- Regular forum rules apply as well.


Thank you, and I hope you all enjoy the chatbox!

*NEW* Chatbox rules Shade
*NEW* Chatbox rules Ubd5058
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*NEW* Chatbox rules
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